Andover Townsman, Andover, MA



Cheerleaders-in-training in last week's session of the summer camp were, front row, from left, Brooke Downey, 6; Megan Durant, 6; Laila Blank, 6; Grace Malloy, 6; Ella Durant, 5; Addison Wiley, 7; Erin Workman, 7; and Kerri Finneran, 6; second row, from left, Megan Veneto, 8; Ella Higginbottom, 8; Jillian Manchester, 9; Danielle Seiffer, 10; Georgia Mellor, 10; Riley O'Connor, 8; Macy Peckham, 8; and Angela McNeeley, 8; and third row, from left, coach Alexa Baldwin, Jacqueline Pepper, 8; Abbi Edgerly, 10; Sophie Yannalfo, 10; Ali Kearny, 12; Maeve Snell, 10; Isabella DeSanto, 8; and coach Ashley Baldwin. Coach Kayla Baldwin is missing from the photo.

Pictures of the Week