Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


February 13, 2014

Good luck, but not good-bye to Jay Leno


I saw him treat his former history teacher, David Robichaud, and his wife like royalty when he flew them out to Los Angeles — sending drivers for them, and getting them reservations for dinner at the famed Spago in Beverly Hills.

He not only stays in touch with many friends and former teachers from his days living in Andover, but often also stayed in touch with their parents — just checking in because he’s a thoughtful guy.

Despite his busy schedule, with the “Tonight Show” and all the stand-up comedy, he’s made a point of making it back to Andover, even after the deaths of his parents and brother Patrick. He’s given thousands of dollars to community organizations, from Andover High to UMass Lowell.

Even when he hasn’t been here, his presence is always felt.

While all is said and done, millions across America will miss seeing Jay every night at 11:35.

But for those of us in the Merrimack Valley, we haven’t see the last of Jay Leno yet.

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