Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


February 6, 2014

Eyes to the sky

Local art instructor turns public's attention to a shared view


In addition to submitting her art for exhibits, Silverman has organized free shows in the past. One of them, “The Contemporary Faces of Jesus,” was seen by more than 100,000 people.

“The idea is to get all economic backgrounds into these shows for free,” she said.

For the “Under the Same Sky” project, Silverman asked people around the world to take pictures of the sky above them. She didn’t want landscapes, wires or birds – just straight shots of the sky.

“I asked people to shoot above their heads, wherever they were,” she said.

The results, Silverman said, were better than she was hoping for.

“It blew my mind. The textures and colors are just phenomenal,” she said.

In one picture, clouds curl over, looking like the surf breaking on a beach. In others, lightning cracks or a full moon shines. One picture shows the beginning of a tornado, while Silverman can quickly pick out the pictures from Greece because of the vivid color of the sky over the Aegean sea.

“Some of the pictures are so peaceful and muted and some are so in your face,” she said. “People hear that the exhibit is pictures of the sky and wonder how different they can be, but the atmospheres and colors are amazing.”

One artist wrote to Silverman saying, “Thank you for making me look up again.” That sentiment was exactly what Silverman was hoping to inspire with the project.

“That made me feel great. Everyone should be thankful for their blessings. There is beauty around us, but we’re so stressed that oftentimes we don’t notice it,” she said.

Silverman is dedicating the show to two friends who could not be there. Ed Romano, a local artist who recently died of brain cancer, left Silverman all of his mounting boards so that she could properly display the photos. Rose Krikorian was a family friend who recently died at 93 years old.

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