Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


November 7, 2013

A youthful spin for 'Alice in Wonderland'

AYS peers through looking glass for theater debut


Small Alice: Alma Marresse

White Rabbit: Cole MacKinnon

Doorknob: Madison Quill

Dodo Bird: Isaac Brickman

Tweedle Dum: Lauren Kole

Tweedle Dee: Julia Kole

Violet: Jillian Alden

Rose: Kaylee Ryan

Petunia: Celia Schwartz

Lily: Madelyn Blanchette

Daisy: Shayla Quill

Caterpillar 1: Gianna Coppola

Caterpillar 2: Zoe Saum

Mad Hatter: Lauren Jeffery

March Hare: Tula Sifling

Dormouse: Alex Worthley

Queen of Hearts: Maddy Wagner

King of Hearts: Haywood Schwartz

Royal Cardsman (Ace of Spades): Molly Sifling

Slap Jack of Hearts: Kamillye Contretas

2 of Clubs: Autumn King

3 of Diamonds: Abigail Mitchell

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