Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


November 8, 2012

Andover native Reczek pursues medicine, music


You spent some time in New Zealand?

I did. I [spent] five of the best months of my life living in New Zealand during a semester abroad. Not only did I do a lot of busking -- street performing -- down there, but my journeys and adventures down there gave me an endless supply of ideas for songs. New Zealand continues to be one of my greatest inspirations.

Family still here? What made you come back to Andover for the West Parish show?

After I graduated I started a post-baccalaureate pre-med program at UVM and moved back to Andover to finish it at UMass Lowell; this is my second and last year of that.

I chose to pursue West Parish as a venue because I wanted to be able to have a free, public venue for a concert of original music in Andover, something I have never really seen in all my time here. West Parish proved to be not only perfect for those needs, but to have amazing acoustics and other intangibles which suited it well to the situation.

So what’s the grand plan? Do you plan to be a doctor or another medical professional who does the occasional gig on the side?

I’d like to go to medical school within the next few years. Between now and then I’ll be looking to work for a while to start working on my ever-accumulating loans and interest. If I can work some travel into that it would be ideal, sort of a Kerouac or Steinbeck-type ideal behind the next few years while still not fleeing from the responsibilities of reality too much.

Music is the only real constant; I’ll always have it. If something comes of it, great. If not, I have a pretty good game plan I’m always trying to make better.

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