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October 9, 2008

Haunted house at former Tewksbury state hospital

Andover Youth Services is in the midst of a pumpkin sale during this most spooky month. There are no plans for a haunted house event to salute Halloween, as the department is busy renovating its new digs on Pearson Street.

But if you are looking for something festive, there's a house with a haunted history that has been scaring the wits out of Tewksury teens for the past 10 years.

Andover teens and 'tweens brave enough to enter are welcome, say organizers.

Those with "no backbone and sense of adventure" should stay home, organizers say, as touring this haunted house will "leave even the calmest adult screaming."

"This is the biggest fundraising event for the Tewksbury Youth Center," said organizer Liz Cleaves of Tewksbury.

It takes place at an old house on Livingston Street in Tewksbury, where the Hatcher family lived. The building was formerly part of Tewksbury State Hospital.

"Every room is designed to shock and scare," Cleaves claimed.

Livingston Street Terror is open weekend nights in October and offers a somewhat spooky but family-friendly hayride ($8) for the younger kids. Young hayride riders can toast marshallows at a campfire.

For more information, call 978-640-4460 or check out

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