Andover Townsman, Andover, MA

December 14, 2011

WEB UPDATE: Police investigating double homicide on Orchard Crossing

By Dustin Luca
Staff Writer

Andover and state police are investigating a double-homicide that was reported on Orchard Crossing this morning, marking the first murders of an Andover resident in nine years.

John E. Magee, 69, and Geraldine M. Magee, 67, were both found dead on the first floor of their home at 7 Orchard Crossing at around 9:18 a.m., according to Andover Police Chief Brian Pattullo.

"Those victims had been shot, and we're classifying this as a double homicide," said Pattullo.

There was no person of interest or suspect in the shooting as of 3 p.m. this afternoon, according to Pattullo. Though he couldn't elaborate on why, he said "the circumstances lead us to believe there's no further threat to the Andover community."

Police were also looking for a vehicle believed to have been associated with the shooting, a black Lexus. That vehicle was found torched on Prince Street in Boston's North End, according to Pattullo.

The initial call to police was made by a relative of the Magees. Family of the victims were also at the police station speaking with police throughout the day, according to Pattullo.

The Magees have "been here for a long time," said Pattullo,

There is no past history of restraining orders at the home, according to Pattullo.

Their bodies are currently with the Boston Medical Examiner. "They'll have an autopsy of those bodies, and the results will be forwarded to the district attorney," said Pattullo.

Any further information on the shooting or the investigation was not available at the time, but Pattullo said more details would be forth coming.

The shooting was reported mere hours after Townsman deadline for the Dec. 15 print ediiton. For more on the shooting, see the Dec. 22 issue of the Andover Townsman.