The Andover Coalition for Education, which is about to embark on its second year of business, held its first annual meeting May 31 at the Andover Memorial Hall Library.

New members of the coalition appointed at the meeting were Susan Hughes, Jeanne Topham and Tim Vaill. They joined eight other board members, who were re-elected to the board, including Tina Girdwood, president; Annie Gilbert, vice president; Ray Cannon, clerk; and Cynde Egan, treasurer. New advisory board members Tom Hsu and Mark B. Johnson have been elected to join 16 other advisory board members including state Reps. Barry Finegold and Barbara L'Italien, state Sen. Sue Tucker and police Chief Brian Pattullo.

At its annual meeting, board members decided ACE's goal for its second year will be to pay for the second-year salary of its grants coordinator, to explore additional partnerships and "to continue to work with the superintendent to identify areas of curriculum that need support to improve student achievement."

As stated in its report, "ACE looks forward to our second year as the community continues to support ACE and our efforts to support major, curricula-enhancing initiatives across the Andover school system.''

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