SHED Inc.'s programs - even its prekindergarten program - have been creating art that might be too good for the refrigerator door.

Inspired by the Masters, the SHED "Springboard to Kindergarten" readiness program displayed pieces reflecting the children's interpretation of paintings by Monet, Van Gogh, Pollack and O'Keefe. The entire class worked on a few "group" pieces which were offered to parents through a silent auction.

Mom Tracy Connor said she was impressed with the job teachers did for children like her son Dane in the kindergarten readiness program.

"It's amazing what they did. And it's with 5 year olds," said Connor. "They called it the art show and they put out little drinks and little finger foods for the parents to come by."

The students experimented with various techniques such as silk screening, clay pinch pots and gelatin prints. Teachers painted an outline of the Mona Lisa and placed it in front of a mirror. Kids were able to put their heads through a hole and use that visual to create a painting as if they were the Mona Lisa.

"They did sponge art. They did abstract. I was just thinking, 'How did you [teachers] do it all?' They're 5 years old," said Connor.

The SHED Kindergarten half-day Enrichment program's work was displayed for two weeks in the children's room at the Memorial Hall Library.

"Also inspired and unique, the annual SHED Kindergarten Art Exhibit shows the broad range of creativity and ability that children can exhibit when given the time and motivation," according to Sydney Bialo SHED executive director.

Some of the techniques used in this exhibit include tempera paint, chalk, batik, cut paper, origami, paper sculpture, water color and paper weaving.

SHED Kid's Club program for children in first through eighth grade, produced the show "Peter Pan" for friends and family. The children spent two to three months practicing, making sets and costumes and getting ready for opening night. Youth, their families and the Kid's Club teachers enjoyed both the play and an after-party, said Bialo.

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