Andover Townsman, Andover, MA

March 28, 2013

How to ease your child's fears

Parent to Parent speaker deals with kids' anxiety, phobias

The Andover Townsman

---- — Parents looking to help their children with fears can hear advice from an expert next Tuesday

Parent to Parent is hosting the talk “Decreasing and Preventing Anxiety: How to Talk to Your Anxious Child” on April 2, from 7:30 to 9 p.m. in the West Middle School auditorium on Shawsheen Road.

While childhood fears and worries are a normal part of growing and developing, excessive worrying and anxiety in kids and parents on the rise, according to event organizers.

“In our world today, children and adolescents are commonly exposed to traumatic experiences that they then need to make sense of. At times, our media outlets, family environments, and even the school playground milieu may all contribute to a child’s sense of safety (or lack thereof),” according to the group. “These factors, in addition to a child or adolescent’s temperament and genetic wiring, all play a crucial role when combined with their caregiver’s parenting styles.”

Parent to Parent believes this talk will help parents to see if their approach is helping or hindering their child’s progress.

The speaker, Lynn Lyons, lives near Concord, N.H., where she maintains a private practice as a clinical social worker. Lyons specializes in the treatment of anxiety disorders in children and adults, which can include generalized anxiety, phobias, social anxiety and performance anxiety, said Parent to Parent. This talk is appropriate for parents with children of all ages, according to organizers.

“Whether your child is stressed about school performance, friendships, or simply wary of new social situations, [Lyons] will provide you with specific techniques and concrete examples of how we as parents can guide our children through these tricky situations,” according to a release.