Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


January 23, 2014

An extra helping of gratitude

AHS students serve up special tribute to lunchroom staff


“You can tell (the students) are supportive of them,” she said. “They were waiting for someone to step up and appreciate them.”

Rockwell said it was the least the students could do for the lunchroom staff who “go out of their way to learn people’s names and remember their orders.”

Standing at a register, cafeteria worker Chrissy Marchese — an Andover High School graduate herself — said she felt her job was rewarding already because the workers are providing critical fuel to students through the meals they serve.

How did she feel about being the center of attention?

“It’s positive energy going in both ways,” Marchese said.

Gail Koutroubas, the director of food services throughout the Andover school district, said the honor “is well deserved. The staff works hard.”

“It means a lot to them. It means they’re considered a part of the school culture,” Koutroubas said.

Koutroubas said recognizing individual students and remembering what they like to order on a daily basis is par for the course for her employees, because “customer service is No. 1 for us.”

But she said it was nice of the students to show the cafeteria staff that “they do make a difference.”

“It’s very important that they are noticed,” Koutroubas said.

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