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November 1, 2012

News in brief


Modernizing the electric grid will reduce the frequency and duration of customer outages due to storms and other events. DPU will also examine how electric grid modernization can lower overall costs of electricity and improve service to customers.

In addition, the investigation will explore the potential for the deployment of technologies such as advanced meters, cell phone applications, and smart appliances, which will enable customers to respond to changes in the price of electricity throughout the course of a day.

Equipped with real-time price information and technologies, customers can alter their use of appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines from high-price periods to low-price periods.

DPU will form a Grid Modernization Stakeholder Working Group to assist in developing a roadmap for advancing grid modernization in the Commonwealth.

The process will begin with a public workshop on Nov. 14.

New regulations on turkey hunting, deer possession limit changes

ESeveral new hunting regulations have been promulgated at the state level that expand wild turkey hunting opportunities across the state. These regulations take effect in time for the 2012 fall turkey hunting season.

Wildlife Management Zones (WMZ) 10, 11, and 12, which encompasses eastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod, will open for the fall wild turkey hunting season. Previously, the fall wild turkey hunting season was open in only WMZs 1-9 and 13; central and western Massachusetts and Martha’s Vineyard.

The statewide fall wild turkey hunting season has been lengthened from one week to a two- week season. Fall wild turkey hunting season will begin on the second to last Monday in October and continue for two weeks. The 2012 fall hunting season runs through Nov. 3.

Permissible shot sizes for wild turkey hunting have been expanded to include #7 shot. Formerly, shot sizes were limited to #4 to #6 for wild turkey hunting.

Fall wild turkey hunters are reminded that wild turkey hunting hours during this season begin one half hour before sunrise and end one half hour after sunset. Only those turkey hunters who did not harvest a season limit of two birds during the spring season are eligible for fall turkey hunting where one turkey of either sex may be harvested. All other regulations relative to wild turkey hunting apply.

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