Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


November 1, 2012

Recovering from Sandy

Thousands lost power, schools closed two days


“But, you can’t send someone up if winds are 40 mph or higher. It’s too dangerous,” Maggio said. “And when it gets dark, it’s even more difficult.”

Workers dealt with flashes of more intense wind into Tuesday night, including the windstorm that knocked out power to South Elementary School.

Power was lost Monday at the water treatment plant on Lowell Street,

which switched to an emergency generator, said police Chief Brian

Pattullo. But, by Tuesday, the water treatment plant was back to normal. The Fish Brook water-pumping station was still running by generator Tuesday, but officials said the town had plenty of water.

Dana Campbell of Johnson Road said her older neighborhood lost some big trees in the storm.

A tree in her backyard toppled and made a mess of her neighbor’s fence.

“At least it just missed the house…it fell diagonally,” she wrote in an email. “If you need to see the power of the hurricane, I think this is a good example...Johnson Acres has so many older trees, that it is a worry with every storm we have.”

“We have numerous trees down, spotty power outages. We

probably have 20 percent [of homes] out of power in town,” said Pattullo

moments after speaking with Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency

Monday night. “We have a lot of trees down and road closures or areas

that are roped off so people won’t drive under low-hanging wires.”

On Monday, about 20 Andover streets were fully closed or had been limited to one lane because of trees knocked down by strong wind gusts. But by Tuesday afternoon, Pattullo was reporting, “All major roads are open. There’s at least one lane open on some of the side streets (affected).

“There are still spotty power outages. Most are street to home sorts of things,” he said. “Individual homes, those are going to be the last priority. It might be a day or two or three before the crews get to those.” Crews are being sent to areas with more widespread problems first.

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