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April 4, 2013

Town Talk

Time for food truck in Andover?

With Hometown Seafoods set to close this month, one of its workers is looking to the future. And what she sees is a food truck.

Kristine Dancause proposes an idea that we suspect foodies — and business people looking for a tasty lunch — would embrace. She’d like to partner with an investor, buy an old ice-cream truck or something similar and sell lunch items and desserts out of it.

“I’ve thought about the idea of a food truck for awhile because you’re seeing them sprout up all over the place and it’s something the town doesn’t have,” said Dancause.

She would sell to the business lunch crowd Monday through Fridays, she said.

Food trucks have been around for many years, with even Zagat’s restaurant guide adding a food truck category back in January 2011. But, except for a cupcake truck, we’re not aware of any food truck in Andover.

Dancause has worked at the fish market and restaurant since it was operating on Barnard Street, leaving while she attended college at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

— Neil Fater

Take that, big-shot types

In reaction to a new website that digs into town spending, an anonymous person or people have started a site of their own.

Called “,” the new, anonymous site pokes fun at was started by three Andover residents, Bob Pokress, Greg Rigby and Bob Landry. It includes information such as the income paid to every town employee. acts as if it is a similar site. There are only five paragraphs on the site.

As an example of the tone of the spoof site, one paragraph reads: “As big-shot executive types, we are appalled that many of our public sector employees make a decent living. Even though $75,000 is barely half the media family income in Andover, we are still offended that some employees make that much. Some of them might even be able to afford to live in the town they serve! Perish the thought. What would the guys at the club say if they heard our neighbors might be teachers and firefighters?”

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