Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


October 11, 2012

Alice Buck, Harold Rafton: Two lives, one mission


Rafton took even sterner measures. Laws needed to be changed to permit the holding of land in perpetuity by non-profit organizations. The idea of conservation was present, but through his efforts it became a passion. Owners of land needed to be persuaded to transfer marginally-developable land and money needed to be authorized to purchase such land. The advent of the local conservation commission occurred during this period. The sheer size of land acquisition from Harold Rafton’s passion is enormous.

This is the story of two townspeople who pursued their private interests and associations until such time as events stirred them to a course of action that would truly change the face of Andover forever. Many have been inspired by their actions to follow in their footsteps and continue this passion for open space preservation throughout the town.


The author acknowledges Juliette Haines Mofford and Susan Lenoe for their previous publications and presentations, bringing the stories of Buck and Rafton to new generations of Andover citizens.

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