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January 24, 2013

Town Talk

Town Manager: What about the youth center?

A preliminary version of this year’s Annual Town Meeting warrant lists 59 articles covering everything from building renovations to land and vehicle purchases.

But as it stands, you won’t find the Cormier Youth Center on there at all — even though two articles to resolve issues with the project before construction starts were pulled from the Special Town Meeting warrant for next month to face Annual Town Meeting voters on April 29.

“When I received the warrant this morning, I discovered that three warrant articles I wanted to have on the preliminary list weren’t included as of Friday” when the warrant closed, Stapczynski said.

The third article focuses on another priority town project — a contingency measure for raising money to put the Bancroft Elementary School project back on budget. Should voters turn down a plan to raise $5.7 million at Special Town Meeting next month, another article would be needed to keep the project moving forward, officials have said.

But just because they were left off the warrant, that doesn’t mean they won’t come before voters, Stapczynski said.

“I’ll ask the selectmen at their meeting Monday night to open and close the preliminary warrant to include these articles,” Stapczynski said.

— Dustin Luca

Lyons: Cut taxes, provide more

state aid

Since his reelection as a state representative, Andover’s Jim Lyons has increased his press releases outlining his positions.

Recently he joined other Republican lawmakers on a release critical of Gov. Deval Patrick’s transportation plan.

“The Patrick Administration has already increased our taxes,” said Rep. Lyons in the release. “They pushed through both a 25 percent sales tax hike and 25 percent meals tax hike. With the Patrick Administration, there’s never enough tax dollars to satisfy them. There’s always an excuse to extract something more from hardworking taxpaying families.

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