Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


March 21, 2013

Three compete to be selectmen for next three years


I support doing nothing for the foreseeable future. NO

I support rebuilding the Town Yard downtown, where it is now. NO

I support moving the Town Yard. YES

I support moving it, and selling the town land it sits on. YES

I support rezoning the land to allow for businesses and homes. YES

I support spending up to $10 million on the Town Yard solution. UNDECIDED

I support spending up to $20 million on the Town Yard solution. UNDECIDED

I support spending more than $20 million on the Town Yard solution. NO

I’m concerned about contamination at the site. YES

Please further explain what you would like to see happen regarding the Town Yard and its land (up to 125 words).

Salafia: Residents have identified public transportation and housing as important issues. The 2012 Citizens Survey revealed a strong desire for more public transportation options and a wider range of housing, particularly for seniors. A carefully designed “Transit Oriented” development for the present Town Yard and surrounding neighborhood will address that need. It will revitalize the area, and bring more public transportation options to Andover. An influx of new residential units and small businesses will increase tax revenues.

Keeping the cost of a new Town Yard down is essential. Several projects already approved by voters are likely to significantly impact our residents’ tax bills. I support selling the present Town Yard parcel and using the proceeds to help offset the cost of rebuilding at a new site.

What one big idea do you have to improve Andover during the next three years (up to 100 words)?

Salafia: I believe the new Route 93 Interchange offers exciting opportunity for Andover. I hope that the improving economy will result in renewed effort to complete this long awaited project. Initial estimates indicate that the commercial/industrial development, improved public transportation and varied housing options could bring thousands of new jobs and significant new tax revenues to our town and to the region. Projects such as this enhance our commercial tax base and help keep our residential taxes down. I will work to bring our state and federal delegations together to help achieve final approval and funding.

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