Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


March 21, 2013

Three compete to be selectmen for next three years


What letter grade would you give the town for its handling of large projects during the last few years? (A through F)

Why? (You have up to 75 words)

Salafia: Overall a C+. Major municipal construction projects are extremely challenging. Regulations governing the public bidding process, union wage restrictions and complex permitting processes dramatically drive up project costs and add to delays. And, as with the Bancroft School, circumstances outside the town’s control can cause delays, which increase costs. Offsetting this is our AAA bond rating, which keeps our borrowing costs low.

What must be completed during the next three years for you to consider your term a success? (Up to 50 words).

1. Build a new Town Yard

2. Build the Youth Center

3. Reduce our long term OPEB liabilities

4. Create an “In Lieu of Taxes” program asking that non tax paying entities assist in defraying costs of services the town now provides.

5. Make the new Rt. 93 Interchange a reality.



AGE: 54

ADDRESS: 254 Chandler Road

FAMILY: Wife Pamela Bruce; daughter Ally, an AHS graduate


OCCUPATION W/EMPLOYER NAME: Engineer, Hewlett Packard

Please rank the following four projects (Create new Town Yard, Ballardvale Fire Station, Andover High addition, early education center) that are expected to come before the town over the next several years (1 being most important of the four, 4 being the least important of the four, to you). Please pick one of the following for each of these four project above: “must do immediately”; must address during next three years; support, “but it’s a lower priority”; or “unnecessary expense for foreseeable future.”

Bruce: With all due respect, this is an overly assumptious question, I don’t see any project listed that must be done immediately. What should be on this list is an immediate and comprehensive financial review of all town expenditures. As to an unnecessary expense, the Town Yard land give-a-way is a ridiculous plan. ANY plan for improvements to the Town Yard need to divorced from a land sale. Andover’s valuable land is our town’s asset, not a gift for developers. If there was no bundled plan this boondoggle would never see the light of day again. I need your vote on Tuesday.

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