Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


March 21, 2013

Three compete to be selectmen for next three years


Please answer YES, NO or UNDECIDED to each of the following statements on the Town Yard issue.

I support doing nothing for the foreseeable future. YES

I support rebuilding the Town Yard downtown, where it is now. YES

I support moving the Town Yard. YES

I support moving it, and selling the town land it sits on. NO

I support rezoning the land to allow for businesses and homes. NO

I support spending up to $10 million on the Town Yard solution. UNDECIDED

I support spending up to $20 million on the Town Yard solution. UNDECIDED

I support spending more than $20 million on the Town Yard solution. NO

I’m concerned about contamination at the site. YES

Please further explain what you would like to see happen regarding the Town Yard and its land (up to 125 words).

Bruce: I have yet to see a financial analysis which proves the need for a new location. The premise that we need an indoor truck wash is flawed. An indoor truck wash is the LAST thing the town of Andover needs. It’s telling that there was an onsite land-value study conducted with town of Andover funds. That study showed the value of our present Town Yard land if it were to be privately developed. Why did Andover pay for this study? It is because this project is driven by the wish to rezone the land to high density use which will reap windfall profits for the developers. Our selectmen need to think of our residents first, not their campaign supporters.

What one big idea do you have to improve Andover during the next three years (up to 100 words)?

Bruce: It’s far past time to address the traffic jam at our high school each school day. A simple idea? It sure is. That this weekday mess has not made it to the town manager’s goals is a glaring failure of our present Board of Selectmen. It’s time to recognize the problem and find a solution. We deserve better, far better town leadership. The residents are consistently put last in Andover. I need your vote to change our town for the better.

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