Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


March 21, 2013

Three compete to be selectmen for next three years


You have 150 words to further explain your priorities regarding these four projects (limit: 150 words).

The Town Yard group of buildings is in immediate need of replacement. Whether we rebuild on the current site or move to another location, this is and has been the most urgent need of the above projects. Cost will be key in the best solution.

Andover High School enrollment is greater than its design. Current enrollment is aproximately 1,820 students and was designed for 1,600.

A study of possible high school building expansion options for the growing student population is being proposed for this Town Meeting. The same study will also explore options for an Early Childhood Education Center, currently being housed at Shawsheen School. The study will also take in consideration the overall elementary student population.

The 100-year-old Ballardvalle Fire Station needs additional review regarding potential change in location. The station does not currently support ambulance service will need to be replaced.

Please answer YES, NO or UNDECIDED to each of the following statements on the Town Yard issue.

I support doing nothing for the foreseeable future. NO

I support rebuilding the Town Yard downtown, where it is now. YES *

I support moving the Town Yard. YES *

I support moving it, and selling the town land it sits on. YES

I support rezoning the land to allow for businesses and homes. YES

I support spending up to $10 million on the Town Yard solution. UNDECIDED

I support spending up to $20 million on the Town Yard solution. NO

I support spending more than $20 million on the Town Yard solution. NO

I’m concerned about contamination at the site. UNDECIDED (It’s unclear without a full technical review the impact of the contamination and liability.)

Please further explain what you would like to see happen regarding the Town Yard and its land (up to 125 words).

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