Andover Townsman, Andover, MA

March 21, 2013

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The Andover Townsman


On a scale of “OK with it” to “ripping my hair out,” how tired are you of winter?

I’m OK with it. What’s the big deal with a little frozen water?

It was nice while it was in season. Now it is spring.

Enough snow already! Haven’t we seen enough?

If I see one more snowflake, I’m moving.

I’m ripping my hair out. Go, global warming!


Last week, with the high school having too many snow days to finish its 180-day school year before June 28, we asked you what you think the school department should do to deal with the issue. With 61 votes, the answers were:

Take day(s) out of April vacation week to help relieve the pressure: 20 votes, 32.79 percent.

Students should attend classes on Saturday( ): 10 votes, 16.39 percent.

Seek a waiver from the state: 10 votes, 16.39 percent.

Add hours onto school days as necessary until students have put in the extra time needed: nine votes, 14.75 percent.

Other: five votes, 8 percent.

There are a few holidays from now until July that could be used: four votes, 6.56 percent.

I don’t have any kids in the school system, so it doesn’t impact me: two votes, 3.28 percent.

I’m not sure how the School Committee should handle this: one vote, 1.64 percent.


Five answers were provided by those who wanted to share their own ideas for making up the makeup days. One person suggested opening up Sunday to school days, while another suggested extending the academic schedule “to match current century’s weather trends.”

Another responder suggested not having so many vacation days in the fall, while two responses took a different idea not yet covered in the committee room. “Face the facts: a day here or there will not significantly impact most students,” one person wrote. The final one said the town should do “nothing, a couple of days of school makes no difference at all.”