Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


March 28, 2013

Incumbents Vispoli, Salafia reelected


“When we talk about what could have been, I would say there are people that didn’t even know there was an election today,” Vispoli said. “How do we notify [the public of the election] or get the word out?”

Vispoli said local media was partially to blame for that. Salafia extended his concerns to a lack of candidate forums that, in previous years, were key avenues for those in the race to project their platforms.

While there are normally three or four forums before a town election, only the League of Women Voters hosted the candidates this year, according to Salafia.

Even the voters who came out to the polls had something to say about the turnout.

“There is only one contested race, so it’s not that surprising that people didn’t turn out,” Peach Tree Path resident Dan Ossoff said, “but I wish people would turn out to vote.”

Winners talk of future progress

But that isn’t to say Vispoli and Salafia were disappointed with the outcome of the election.

Both said they were humbled by the voter confidence they received, and they’re eager to continue the work they’ve done on the board in previous years and continuing the initiatives they’ve championed while on the board.

“We’ve got some very significant challenges ahead of us,” Vispoli said. “One is to finally solve the Town Yard issue at a reasonable coast. We’ve got several facilities that need attention.”

Salafia said he plans to help the town arrive at a Town Yard solution and to be there as the Cormier Family Youth Center begins construction.

He also hopes to “re-energize the I-93 project,” he said, calling attention to the tri-town effort to build a new Interstate-93 interchange on the corner of Andover. “If we can re-energize that, that would be great.”

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