Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


March 28, 2013

Incumbents Vispoli, Salafia reelected


Marilyn Fitzgerald, Andover representative for the Greater Lawrence Technical School’s school board, said she voted for Vispoli and Salafia because “I feel the two incumbents have done a very good job.”

Ossoff also supported the incumbents, saying “they’re well-intentioned people that are trying to do the best they can for the town.”

Ballardvale Road resident Linda Lecomte said she voted for Bruce “just to shake things up a bit. He has run a couple times. He is just not the status quo.”

Speaking to the 305 votes he received, Bruce said he was “fine with that number votes. And, I’d like to thank those voters.”

Yesterday marked the fourth time Bruce has run, and he plans to return for a fifth shot at the board next year.

“I think the board has a lack of intent. It’s self-serving and about special interests,” he said.

Colby-Clements leads school race

Of the other four races on the ballot, School Committee incumbent Paula Colby-Clements led the two-seat contest for the committee with 748 votes. Candidate Barbara L’Italien, the lone challenger in the race, took the second seat with 657 votes.

Three other races were on the ballot, each for one seat and each with one candidate. Sheila Doherty, an incumbent for moderator, received 823 votes to return to her position for this year. Under the Housing Authority, candidate Janice Burkholder received 787 votes. For the Trustees of Punchard Free School, candidate Randall Hanson received 811 votes.

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