Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


November 1, 2012

In Andover senate race, one current legislator will be out of power

Adams, Finegold face off Nov. 6

Two Andover residents and current state legislators will square off to see who will represent all of Andover as its state senator.

Incumbent Sen. Barry Finegold will face current state Rep. Paul Adams, who was redistricted clean out of his existing representative district. Rather than challenge fellow Republican and friend Jim Lyons for state representative, Adams is running for senate.

Paul Adams


58 High St., Andover

Age: 31

Nuclear family: Engaged to Patricia Ponce

Current job: Policy advisor and your full-time state representative

You have a total of 150 words to further explain your answer(s) to one or more of the YES, NO, UNDECIDED questions.

Is the current ratio of state education aid to Andover schools appropriate?

NO. Andover receives 25 percent less in education funding than the state mandated minimum. For local aid overall, the town receives a pittance of what our taxpayers currently send to Beacon Hill.

Is the current ratio of state education aid to Lawrence schools appropriate?

NO. While Lawrence certainly needs financial assistance for governance, the city has never had a solution to reduce its over-reliance on the taxpayers. I have a long-term plan to help Lawrence reduce its disproportionate need for state support and be more self-sustaining.

Would you roll back state sales taxes to the 5 percent level during this next term?

YES. This last term, I voted three times to lower the sales tax to 5 percent and will continue working for a lower rate. My opponent raised the sales tax 25 percent, destroying 10,000 jobs.

Would you consider increasing state taxes during the next term?


Can you see yourself rolling back state sales taxes to 5 percent any time in the next 10 years?

YES. The sales tax should be rolled back immediately.

Have EBT card reforms done enough?

NO. The supermajority blocked a reform I fought for, a move to a cashless system, which will prevent fraud.

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