Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


November 1, 2012

In Andover senate race, one current legislator will be out of power

Adams, Finegold face off Nov. 6


What piece of legislation during the last term are you most proud of writing or sponsoring? Why?(50 words)

My successful regulatory reform bill requires the state to produce a price tag on any proposed new regulation on the private sector and is supported by employers throughout the state. It’s an important piece of restoring conditions the private sector needs to grow and create jobs.

In a nutshell, what makes you a better candidate than your opponent? (25 words)

I’m principled and consistent in the fight for increased local aid and lower taxes, and will serve as your full-time state senator.

Barry Finegold


42 Stirling St., Andover

Age: 41

Nuclear family: Wife, Amy; daughters Ava, 9, Ella, 7, and son Max, 8 months

Current job: Partner at Dalton & Finegold

Is the current ratio of state education aid to Andover schools appropriate?

YES, but I would like to see the amount allocated to Andover increase.

Is the current ratio of state education aid to Lawrence schools appropriate?


Would you roll back state sales taxes to the 5 percent level during this next term?

UNDECIDED. This depends on the economic environment and level of revenue.

Would you consider increasing state taxes during the next term?


Can you see yourself rolling back state sales taxes to 5 percent any time in the next 10 years?

YES, but also depends on the economic environment.

Have EBT card reforms done enough?

NO. The EBT reforms in the budget were very strong, but I think we need to push harder towards electronic payment systems that would allow us to limit cash assistance. The use of cash withdrawls is too prone for abuse.


What is the biggest issue facing Andover and what will you do to address it if elected? (You have a total of 125 words to explain.)

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