Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


November 1, 2012

Disagreement on Lantigua, ballot questions in 17th Essex race

Widely divergent approaches from rep. candidates Cuff, Moran


Do you support Question 3, to legalize medical marijuana?

Cuff: YES. Saying this will lead to relaxing other drug laws is irreverent. This is a consummate quality-of-life issue that can greatly improve the suffering of chronic pain and disease. As I said before...if smoking a little doob can get you through the day (under appropriate physician supervision), then I am all in favor.

Moran: NO.

Do you support an expanded bottle bill, to include items such as juice bottles?

Cuff: NO. Not at this time. An expanded bottle bill would gives N.H. retailers an unfair competitive business advantage. However, I favor any plan to increase the gross tonnage of recyclables, saving communities a ton of money.

Moran: YES. It will help create jobs and further keep our environment clean.

Would you roll back state taxes to the 5 percent level during your first term?

Cuff: NO.

Moran: NO.

Can you see yourself rolling back state taxes to 5 percent any time in the next 10 years?

Cuff: YES. The Massachusetts electorate overwhelmingly supported a tax rollback — back in 2000! Massachusetts legislature’s (supermajority) one party rule has allowed for the simple parliamentary overturn of issues decided by the electorate. We must restore trust in our state government.

Moran: YES -- once we create more revenue streams.


Should Lawrence Mayor William Lantigua resign? [YES/NO, with up to 100 words to further explain.]

Cuff: YES.

I stood with Lawrence City Councilor Marc LaPlante and other Lawrence elected officials in calling for such an act following the rash of indictments of his administration officials.

But, I also want to be very clear. Mayor Lantiqua’s administration should not just be held accountable for criminal indictments but, more importantly, for incompetence. Consistent failure to understand Massachusetts General Laws or the city charter disqualifies one to be the city’s chief executive.

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