Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


November 1, 2012

Disagreement on Lantigua, ballot questions in 17th Essex race

Widely divergent approaches from rep. candidates Cuff, Moran


Furthermore, the failure or refusal by my opponent to articulate his position on this issue (or any issue for that matter) for perceived political gain is likewise and equally negligent to the oath he has sworn as an elected official.

Moran: NO.

But if the mayor is formally charged of any wrong doings he should seriously consider stepping down to minimize the amount of distraction it will cause the city. It will be extremely difficult to do the people’s work with such a black cloud hanging over the city.



What is the biggest issue facing Andover and what will you do to address it if elected?

Cuff: Andover is an extremely well managed and functioning municipality due to great political leadership (Board of Selectmen) and operational management (town manager). It has a Master Plan: Framework for Decision Making and a Strategic Information Technology Plan assuring its continued operational management success for the future. In an era of regionalization, it would be highly beneficial for surrounding communities (Lawrence and Methuen) to be challenged to follow Andover’s lead as well as to be the recipient of some of its benefit through shared professional acumen and resources, etc.

Moran: I will fight to get more Local aid for Andover public schools.


What is the biggest issue facing Lawrence and what will you do to address it if elected?

Cuff: Unemployment and foreclosures are dramatically above the state’s averages. I will exercise my experience of understanding the housing market to use all available state and federal programs, down payment assistance, first-time homebuyer, returning vets (VA), etc. to stabilize and encourage home-ownership and build a better sense of a stabilized community.

Simultaneously, I will work with other elected officials in improving the reputation of the city through responsible municipal management in order to attract outside businesses through the capitalization of lower commercial rents and property prices, access to interstates, rail, affordable housing and affordable labor.

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