Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


January 24, 2013

Selectmen, manager establish goals


GOAL 6: Create a Ballardvale Fire Station relocation plan that can be presented to a future Town Meeting

Deliverable: Determine Selectmen priorities for the project in relation to other town and school building projects by May 2013.

What it means: Stapczynski has to relocate the Ballardvale Fire Station, and the first step in that process is learning how important the project is compared to other large town construction projects, such as the Town Yard.

GOAL 7: Expand the current department head performance evaluation system to other town employees, and test it on one department before expanding it to all departments.

Deliverable: Choose one department to complete a pilot program for evaluation.

What it means: In recent years, Stapczynski has designed and set in motion a new review process for his department heads. The Board of Selectmen want him to bring that process to the employees below the department heads.

GOAL 8: Develop a plan that funds the operating and capital expenses of putting ambulance service in the new station

Deliverable: Determine selectmen priorities for relocating the station in relation to other town and school building projects by May, 2013 (as seen in goal 6).

What it means: Currently, the Ballardvale Fire Station doesn’t have ambulance service. If and when a new one is built, ambulance service could be added to it. This goal determines what costs would be associated with that, and how the town would cover those costs.

GOAL 9: Finalize labor contracts with specific selectman guidelines

Deliverables: Five deliverables exist, correlating to five town labor unions: Andover Fire Fighters Union, Andover Police Superior Officers Union, Andover Police Patrolmen Union, dispatchers, and department heads. In each case, the measurable is to finalize the contract by June, 2013.

What it means: A large portion of town employees, whether they work at the town’s schools, municipal buildings or elsewhere in Andover, are members of larger unions. The five unions in this goal are unions that Stapczynski negotiates contracts with, and the goal seeks to ensure the contracts are settled by the end of the current fiscal year.

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