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February 28, 2013

Getting to the root of the weight-loss issue

ISSUE: WEIGHT LOSS: How do we make sense of the hype over calorie-counting, carb-protein-fat ratios, and balanced food-group plans. What matters most?

Expert: Cara Green

Member Advancement Director

Andover/ North Andover YMCA

Answer: Getting caught up in the hype and trying to make sense of it all can cause you to throw in the towel before even a pound is shed.

Losing weight is about burning more calories than you eat. It’s true that all calories are not created equal and eating too few of them will slow the weight-loss process. Long-term success requires committing yourself to choosing healthy foods more often than not, eating the correct portions and staying active.

Start by making small changes: cut down on soda; eat more natural, less processed foods. Be active for at least 30 minutes every day.

Feeling good about what you’ve started and seeing results will encourage you to do more. Continue to focus on what works for you and your body and what keeps you motivated. Before long, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight will not seem so confusing.

Expert: Tony Ferrao

Manager of Get in Shape for Women

Former director of Andover/North Andover Y

Answer: The sense should come from research, not hearsay. There is a lot of research that disproves the calorie theory. Weight regulation has more to do with hormones and enzymes, like insulin and AMPK, respectively. Jeff Volek down at the University of Connecticut has done some good research on macronutrient combinations in the diet. Also, Loren Cordain, Ph.D., Robb Wolf, Ph.D., Mark Hyman, MD, Michael Eades, MD and Mark Sisson are all great resources who have books and blogs highlighting research on this topic.

Expert: Art McDermott

Owner, Matrix Strength & Fitness


Answer: This topic is the single greatest source of confusion, misinformation and frustration for most dieters. Based upon the science and observing hundreds of people over the years, here is what I have seen.

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