Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


August 2, 2012

Selectmen mull town manager's performance

Raise tied to meeting four goals

Selectmen are in the process of determining how well Town Manager Buzz Stapczynski performed this past year, and whether he deserves a raise.

Stapczynski’s annual raise is tied to his ability to meet four goals, mutually agreed upon by himself and the selectmen. During a regular meeting last Monday, the board discussed only two of Stapczynski’s four goals. For one, they plan to ask him for more information, while for the other they agreed that he achieved the goal. Discussion for the other two goals are expected to be completed in upcoming meetings.

Stapczynski will can receive a combined merit raise and bonus payment of between zero and 4 percent, depending on what percentage of his goals he attained. If he reaches less than 60 percent of his goals, he will not receive a raise. Reaching 60, 75, 85 or 100 percent of his goals earns him more money.

GOAL 1: Save $225,000 in salary and health benefits, worth 50 percent of his potential raise.

WHAT HE SAID: When developing the fiscal year 2013 budget, Stapczynski eliminated two positions from town departments: Water Treatment Plant Chief of Maintenance for $88,043 in savings and a Spring Grove Cemetery Laborer position for $48,295 in savings. With health insurance coverage costs included, the two positions combined for $166,526 in savings.

Additionally, seven town employees opted out of the town’s health insurance coverage, which included six family plans and one individual plan. Those opt-outs saved the town $65,280. Combined with the salary savings, the changes overall saved $231,806.

WHAT THE SELECTMEN THINK: Selectmen are interested in more information. They said they want to know if positions were added elsewhere in the affected departments to carry some or all of the duties that the eliminated positions were responsible for, which would have an impact on how much the town saved.

“The cemetery laborer, that’s the position where we need to hire an outside company to mow the lawn at the cemetery,” said Selectman Dan Kowalski. “Isn’t there a cost we’re incurring with that?”

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