Andover Townsman, Andover, MA

June 20, 2013


The Andover Townsman


Selectmen this week suspended the liquor license of Raagini Indian Bistro in Shawsheen Plaza for 30 days for serving a minor after hours. Was the penalty too harsh?

Yes — The 30-day suspension will make it difficult for the business to succeed.

Yes — The penalty should have been a one- or two-day suspension, not for a whole month.

No — It should have been harsher.

No — It will get overturned on appeal anyway.


Last week, on the heels of a dozen Chinese students and teachers visiting Andover as part of a continued relationship between Andover High School and a campus in China, we asked, “Should Andover High School build on its existing relationship with Chinese schools by establishing exchange programs with schools in other countries?” With 66 responses, the answers were:

YES — A trip abroad, if even for a week, can be a life-altering experience for a student, or at the very least it can broaden horizons: 25 votes, 38 percent.

YES — With the school district expanding world language offerings to as early as the kindergarten level, exchanges would only enhance that education: 12 votes, 18 percent.

YES, but for another reason: 0 votes.

NO — It can put students at risk when adult supervision is lacking or students are taken thousands of miles from their home community: 15 votes, 23 percent.

NO — With recent cuts in language offerings, like German, the district should focus on restoring or adding languages before strengthening existing ones: 6 votes, 9 percent.

NO, but for another reason: 8 votes, 12 percent.

I don’t know, or I have no opinion: 0 votes.