Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


April 24, 2014

All Those Years Ago

100 Years Ago

April 24, 1914

Shall women vote in Massachusetts? One of the eight reasons cited in the Townsman under the “no” position was, “Because the great advancement of women in this last century — moral, intellectual, economic — has been made without the vote, and her greatest development in the future will be along lines apart from political interests represented by the ballot.” One of the eight reasons under the “yes” position was, “Because woman suffrage is no longer a mere theory. Women already have full suffrage in nine states, including the territory of Alaska, and results show that they exercise the right in the main wisely and to the benefit of the community.”

75 Years Ago

April 20, 1939

Several local citizens, including members of the police force, the “Dawn Patrol” and various “feather merchants” of the town, were placed on the carpet at Memorial Auditorium last Friday night with the Men’s Club, dressed in minstrel show garb, shuffling all over the stage. Even the Townsman was the recipient of a few calumnious remarks, but we all have to have our dog days.

Even when the weather is not so fair, it’s worth the extra steps to Bob’s Bakery on Main Street, near the corner of Punchard Avenue. You’ll especially like the applesauce cupcakes or the lemon drops that melt in your mouth.

50 Years Ago

April 23, 1964

One of the rarest opportunities in a lifetime happened to 11-year-old Bobby Elder on Tuesday afternoon. He watched a meteorite land in his backyard on Lovejoy Road — and salvaged its remains. The tennis ball-sized object approached from the northwest, glowing from the heat of its entry into the atmosphere. Bobby pried it loose from the indentation it made in the ground and dropped it into water, where it fizzled until it finally cooled off.

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