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May 1, 2014

A tribute to 'Buster'

Childhood friend Bill Dalton was the guest speaker at Saturday's Deyermond Park dedication ceremony. As always, the Andover Townsman columnist was eloquent in sharing a glimpse of Warren "Buster" Deyermomd. For those who weren't there in person to hear him, it was too good to miss, so we're posting it for all to enjoy.


Members of our military, veterans, elected and appointed officials, townspeople, those coaches, athletes and their families who are kind enough to be here, but most of all the Deyermond family. Thank you for coming.

The Deyermonds are the royalty of Andover when it comes to public service. No family had more people in uniformed public service in the last 100 years. I particularly welcome Buster’s brothers, Cal and Mickey, Buster’s sister, Mary Jo, was unable to be here. It goes without saying that all three have been in public service.

The purpose of my address is to dedicate a memorial to Warren C. Deyermond, better known as “Buster.” I am honored to do so, and am among many here who feel strong emotions about Buster.

Obviously, I’ll be speaking to all of you, but I hope the younger people in the audience listen carefully, for you have the most to learn from Buster’s short life.

Growing up, Buster looked like a Buster: big, broad, blond, handsome, and with a whiffle haircut.

Here’s how memorable he was. More than 40 years after he was killed in action, I wrote a column about Buster, and I received more positive comments than from any column I've ever written. The positive comments had nothing to do with my writing; they were about Buster.

Why so many comments? Because Buster was the kind of person that people remember. People loved Buster, and he loved people.

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