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July 4, 2013

Local man's 'Nacho Tongue' makes cut on 'Bizarre ER' TV show

Local man's `NaCho Tongue' makes cut on `Bizarre ER' TV show

Maybe the nachos were lathered with guacamole to die for.

Or maybe the salsa was so zesty and delicious to cause anyone to take an extra big bite.

Whatever the reason, a local man eating nachos recently bit his tongue so badly that it warranted a trip to the emergency room at Lawrence General Hospital.

And “Bizarre ER” was there to capture it all.

The “nacho tongue” episode — as it’s come to be called — will be featured on the reality TV show, which filmed much of its new season at LGH.

The series, which premieres on Discovery Fit and Health starting Saturday, July 6, at 10 p.m., will highlight 14 LGH stories.

The “nacho tongue” scene was among those that made the cut (no pun intended).

Longtime physician assistant Mike McGlynn of Andover was working in the ER when Paul Ordman of Andover came through profusely bleeding after biting his tongue.

McGlynn said he simply did what needed to be done and sutured the cut in the middle of Ordman’s tongue.

“He was on a blood thinner so he was bleeding a lot,” said McGlynn, a 22-year veteran who has been at LGH for four years after having worked at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Boston.

McGlynn said the mood in the ER these days is a bit lighter as staffers await their celebrity turn on the small screen.

“Everyone is talking about (the show) and that’s been kind of fun,” McGlynn said.

Now in its fifth season, “Bizarre ER” prides itself on exposing the lighter side of the emergency room — from body piercings gone awry to an eye glued shut,

The production team filmed the current season at just one American hospital — LGH — and a hospital in the United Kingdom. The 30-minute episodes air around the world and are among the top 10 watched TV shows in Norway and Bulgaria.

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