Andover Townsman, Andover, MA

July 4, 2013

Tune up for Zamboni, courtesy of GLTS

The Andover Townsman

---- — With an ice schedule filled with lessons, hockey games and public skating, the Zamboni machine at the Methuen Ice Rink gets a lot of use.

Ice Rink manager Paul Trussell, who cares for the facility, noticed the ice re-surfacer was looking a little worse for wear.

The Zamboni machine at Methuen Ice Rink is 14 years old and replacing it was cost prohibitive, especially since there could be as much as a 12-month wait for a new one, according to the rink management. Since Trussell had already spent funds to repair hydraulics and motors, he decided that the Zamboni machine would come to Greater Lawrence Technical School in Andover for restoration.

“It was in pretty tough shape,” Trussell said in a release. “Since we were going to keep using it, we decided to send it to GLTS so they could work on it as a project.”

Trussell approached auto collision lead instructor Tom Hatem to inquire if his team might be able to help the rink with the repairs. Hatem assessed the vehicle and determined the students could do it.

The Zamboni Electric 552 emission-free vehicle was towed to GLTS and auto collision instructor Manuel Malave put his sophomore class to work repairing the dents and rusted panels. They repainted the internal snow tank, which holds the shaved ice, and refinished the outside using Methuen blue with a white two-tone.

“It was good to help out a sister school,” Hatem said. “I know how hard those guys work to keep up with these machines. We were glad to play a small part in assisting them.”

Since the rink is now closed until September, the end of the school year was a perfect time to take on the project, school officials said. The students completed the restoration in about four weeks and Trussell plans to invite them in to skate at the rink once it opens again in the fall.

“It looks fantastic,” Trussell said of the finished product.