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July 4, 2013

Former AHS student leader busted on hacking charges

An Andover High School graduate was charged recently with 18 felonies in Indiana following allegations that he hacked into his professors’ computers during his undergraduate years at Purdue University and changed multiple grades.

Roy Chaoran Sun, 25, of 1 Robinswood Way, Andover, joined two classmates in a complex and advanced hacking scheme in which they replaced professors’ keyboards with ones that logged their keystrokes. They then used the information from the key-loggers to hack into those professors’ accounts and change their grades, prosecutors allege.

According to probable cause affidavits, Sun, an electrical engineering student, changed eight Fs and one D to all As. He is accused of changing the first grade, the D, in December 2008 and continuing to change grades through May 2010, when he graduated from Purdue, according to an affidavit.

Following his arrest last month in Brookline on a warrant out of Purdue, Sun reported to Indiana to face the charges. He was released on $125,000 cash bail and $125,000 surety, and, according to court documents, was allowed to return to Andover to live with his parents until his next court date at the end of August. He was ordered to surrender his passport to Purdue University police and told not to leave the country.

Last week, a woman answering the door at 1 Robinswood Way in Andover declined to comment, saying she was busy.

In court documents filed with Tippecanoe County, Sun also gave an address of 14 Longwood Drive, Apt. 8, Andover. Nobody answered the door at that address.

More recently, Sun was a graduate student at Boston University. According to a BU spokesman, he attended the school for the spring semester and is no longer a student there. Colin Riley, executive director of public relations at BU, said federal confidentiality rules prevented him from releasing any further information.

Purdue police Chief John Cox said police at Purdue and BU are sharing information about the investigation.

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