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May 16, 2013

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This Week’s Question

After 57 years, The Andona Society has its first-ever corporate field sponsor for ClownTown. What are your thoughts?

I think it’s great. Events need to do what they can, and this will go directly to Andona Society and its funding of youth programs.

It’s good news. Though it isn’t a perfect fit for a flash-amusement park, it helps support the cause nonetheless.

I’m indifferent. It doesn’t affect me either way.

I’m skeptical. Business booths could take away from the atmosphere of the event.

I’m upset about it. Children’s events should be as distanced from the business world as possible.


Last week, we asked if you felt Town Meeting is a viable option for governance in Andover. With 81 votes tallied, 15 felt it is a viable option while 65 disagreed.

Here’s a breakdown of each individual option:

NO: A low turnout means a small number of people are put in the driver seat on town projects, and an audience can be padded to push any special interest — 52 votes, 64.2 percent.

NO: The larger presence of voters and the ensuing discussion can distract voters from the issues. A ballot is a better alternative — 10 votes, 12.35 percent.

YES: It fosters discussion on the issues and forces residents to know what they’re signing on to — nine votes, 11.11 percent.

YES: It brings residents together annually to talk about the issues most important to the community — six votes, 7.41 percent.

NO, but for another reason — three votes, 3.7 percent.

YES, but for another reason — zero votes.

I DON’T KNOW or I have no opinion — one vote, 1.23 percent.

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