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March 18, 2010

Local on 'What Not to Wear' turns shopping spree into $19,000 for a cause

Local on 'What Not to Wear'

Just two weeks ago, the TLC Television Channel raked in the ratings with one of the most-watched episodes they've ever had. Coincidentally, TLC's "What Not to Wear" featured Andover resident Anne Concemi, a wife, mother, and owner of First Integrity Mortgage in Lawrence.

Friends and family secretly nominate people to appear on "What Not to Wear" who they believe desperately need to update their look. Those who agree are given a shopping spree, but must agree to toss all the clothes frowned on by the hosts, and they receive a new hairstyle and makeup.

Although Concemi was in absolute shock at the arrival of show co-hosts Clinton Kelly and Stacy London, who appeared while she was out looking at a motorcycle, she admits she was entirely up for the adventure.

"I always tried to kind of go with the styles but my clothes didn't fit properly. It wasn't all pulled together," she said.

And as a professional company owner, oversized clothes just did not do the trick. But then again, business suits weren't exactly the desirable look for a part-time Harley gal. Kelly and London got to work on Concemi immediately, discarding most of the clothes in her closet as well as what they called her mullet hairstyle. She was awarded the standard $5,000 shopping spree in New York City with the hosts.

The most important concept of the trip, Concemi explained, was that the Kelly and London did their best to locate places where their client will continue to shop in the future, since every individual's style and regular budget will vary.

"I shopped a lot near Taylor Loft. Banana Republic, Filene's Basement, Lord & Taylor, and GAP were also big for me," said Concemi, almost proudly. The most challenging aspect of the journey, in Concemi's opinion, was trying to find a nice balance in her wardrobe. "I don't fit into the [lesbian] stereotype at all, but I'd never dress like a housewife of the Orange County either," she said.

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