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December 13, 2012

Making lunchtime count for kids

Question: What would you pack for your kid’s lunch?

Expert: Jamey Lachiana

Yang’s Fitness Center

Exercise physiologist since 1996

Answer: When we send our children off to school, lunch is more important than many parents realize. For several children, this is the first time they are given the responsibility of eating what you give them without you watching. It’s important to discuss with them the difference between what is “good for them” and “unhealthy” and hope they don’t trade off their turkey and cheese with mustard on multigrain bread for bologna and mayonnaise on white bread. All natural peanut butter or almond butter and fruit preserves on fiber packed bread is a great choice as well. That is, if the school allows nuts.

If they like fruits and vegetables, put them in their lunch bag. Baby carrots, grapes, a banana, apple, raisins are all great “side dishes.” Offer no chips or junk food at school. Let them eat that at home within moderation under your supervision, or not at all.

Keep in mind that, while children are growing, it is extremely important to build their bones cells, and muscles using informed, healthy choices.

This will also help prevent energy lulls, brain clouds and hyperactivity during school.

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