Andover Townsman, Andover, MA

January 13, 2011

NEW BANCROFT VOTE Box: Chart on other options considered and why they were rejected


Before choosing to support building a new 680-student elementary school near the existing Bancroft Elementary School, Andover conducted a Feasibility Study that considered other options. They are listed below.


Do nothing

Bancroft has structural problems that must be addressed


Shut building, redistrict

Other schools not large enough to support Bancroft's students


Lease, rent or buy another property

Available space needed extensive work.


Renovate and/or add to Bancroft

Too expensive: must bring building up to current codes and move kids during construction.


Renovate and/or add to both Bancroft and Shawsheen

See above, plus no state money for Shawsheen work


Build elsewhere on site

6-1 vote taken by School Building Committee to support proposed plan, seen as providing most flexibility for design


Build on existing school footprint

Disruptive because of need to move students during construction; expensive because of need to rent portable classrooms would add millions to costL.


Larger school on this site

Andover School Building Committee determined site would not support a larger building; would not fit neighborhood.