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April 13, 2012

Health board wants court to order Osgood St. cleanup

The town's health department wants a judge to force the owner of an Osgood Street property covered in piles of trash bags to clean up her land.

On Feb. 10, the town issued two cleanup orders to Susan Odle, the owner of 116 Osgood St., which were meant to require her to clean up her property within seven days.

At a Board of Health meeting Monday, nearly two months after those orders were issued, Health Director Tom Carbone said Odle recently called him to "ask for the board's understanding that she wants to clean the property up."

But with piles of black trash bags stacked several feet high on the property and calls still coming each week from frustrated neighbors, Carbone did not appear inclined to continue waiting.

"You know the history with her," said Carbone to Board of Health Chairwoman Candace Martin. "I don't know what else you would like to do or consider."

"I think we should ask for support from the selectmen to take this to court," said Martin.

Odle also owns a condominum on Michael Way that was recently the center of a court battle between Odle and her condo association over the conditions inside the property. Odle lost the battle, her condo was condemned by the town and cleaned out by the association.

The contents of the home were collected in trash bags and thrown away. As the property was cleaned out, Odle was seen recovering the bags and bringing them to her Osgood Street property, where they have remained., Carbone has said.

On Monday, the condemnation order against the Michael Way property was lifted after the final item making it unlivable was corrected, according to Carbone.

"The condo association has been doing that work" to clean the Michael Way property, said Carbone.

Carbone said there is no definite timetable on when action could be taken to clean the Osgood Street property. The Osgood Street home also seems to be filled with items, with several items pressed against the windows of the home. There are more than a dozen sheds on the property that neighbors have said are also filled.

It is expected that the Board of Health will meet with the Board of Selectmen and legal counsel to discuss the town's next steps.

Attempts to locate or reach Odle for comment have been unsuccessful, and a written inquiry from the Townsman requesting comment left at the Osgood Street property in February has not received a reply.

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