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May 23, 2013

Taking eStock

Taking eStock: App lets businesses track inventory via phone

Dylan’s Bar and Grill has found a new way to keep tabs at the bar — the bar’s inventory, that is.

The Park Street restaurant has teamed up with a software engineer with Department of Defense experience to create a new Apple iPhone application designed to help bar owners and managers keep track of their current stock, record what products are moving and monitor inventory loss.

It’s called Taverntory and it’s made taking inventory faster and easier.

Dylan’s bar manager Jeannie Cahill said the collaboration started after Kumar Babu, the owner and manager of Ccuneus Solutions, stopped by the restaurant for lunch and asked about restaurant’s operations.

“He said, ‘If there’s one thing you could do and have made easier, what would it be?’” Cahill said. “I said, `Inventory.’”

Cahill and Dylan’s owner Sam Petrovich run inventory once a week. In the past, it has involved writing down individual item numbers based on a 13-character bar code, counting how many of each code exists, then typing it into a computer program.

Now, Cahill simply pulls out her iPhone, scans the bar code on a bottle, uses a “spin wheel” to enter how many bottles of that item the bar has on hand and then moves on to the next item.

The data is uploaded securely to the bar’s account on the app’s online website. Inventory counts are provided in spreadsheet form, Babu said.

Beyond the basics, the app is tied to a database of information, so every bar code that is scanned automatically correlates to the product’s brand, name, price and type, be it beer, wine or liquor. The spreadsheet also calculates how much money the bar’s stock is worth at any given time as well as its categorical makeup and more.

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