Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


January 3, 2013

Group's destination is reclamation

Group calls for recycling supercenter at Town Yard

A group of residents is calling for a recycling supercenter to be part of a new Town Yard.

As officials continue to plan for relocating or rebuilding the town’s municipal service facility, the Andover Recycling Committee is pitching a plan to have a recycling drop-off space built into the plan.

The vision itself isn’t complete – the size and scale of the center is still fluid – but what the committee wants to create is a single, known place for residents to bring all materials for recycling.

“We’re going to build a new Town Yard one way or the other, and we’re going to spend X millions of dollars,” said Keith Saxon, committee chairman. “This can be incorporated for an extra zero dollars, or a marginal increase.”

The proposal from the committee comes in three levels: basic, silver, and gold. Under their basic proposal, a drop-off area would accept “single stream” recycling — all recyclable cans, cardboard and plastic bottles. Flourescent lightbulbs, CRT monitors or televisions and scrap metal could also be included.

Under the silver plan, the committee says some special wastes and bulky materials could also be accepted. Under the gold plan, wood wastes, public works materials and a community “Reuse It/Swap Shop” could also be included.

Even a single container accepting both soda bottles and soup cans would be an improvement on what exists in Andover, according to Saxon.

As it stands, most of the town has an established collection system that runs every two weeks.

“If, for whatever reason, you miss it, you have a month of recycling (at your home)” Saxon said. “If you had a Town Yard with a place for recycling? Boom. Now you have a place to recycle.”

Several communities already have such systems in place, according to Saxon. He used Needham as an example of a town with an entire space dedicated to recycling.

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