Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


February 21, 2013

Police chief to retire on July 31

Sgt. Pat Keefe, town resident, picked to replace Pattullo


“Pat exemplifies the leadership qualities inherent in the chief of police,” said Pattullo. “He’s well respected by the men and women on the force, even-tempered, a good leader. I think his leadership qualities and abilities will shine through when he takes the reins.”

Keefe has been a member of the Andover Police Department for 15 years and is a lieutenant colonel in the National Guard. He has served more than one tour of duty. He lives in Andover with his wife and four children and is active in community activities such as youth sports, according to Pattullo.

The town looked only at internal candidates, and there were 11 people eligible for the job. Three internal candidates went through a process called an “assessment center” -- where an outside firm looks at what the town needs and runs the candidates through written and oral examinations -- to help the town manager decide who to name as the next chief.

“It’s a credit to the men and women of the police department that we have that talent and those people to take command,” said Pattullo.

Pattullo’s final day will be July 31. He is currently 54, but will be 55 by July.

“That gives us a really good amount of time to have a healthy transition with my successor,” Pattullo said. “It should be seamless.”

Pattullo was budgeted to make $162,781 next year, and he receives an additional $1,500 for serving as the town’s emergency management director. Keefe is still negotiating his salary, according to Stapczyski.

Pattullo’s leadership

Pattullo was first hired by the town as a patrolman in July 1981, and his promotion to chief came in March 1998.

“He has done such a marvelous job. It’s sad to see him retire. He has the age and the years of service. Certainly, it’s his choice,” Stapczynski said.

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