Andover Townsman, Andover, MA

June 6, 2013


The Andover Townsman


Lawrence Lodge of Elks #65 Scholarship: Sam Kefferstan

Corinne Morris Johnson Scholarship Award: Felicitas Reyes, Brynn Stevens, Lauren Wackowski

Andover Sportsmen’s Club Scholarship, to students based on scholarship who have been involved in outdoor sports, ecology: and conservation: Sloan Lynch, Patrick Neel

Shawsheen Village Women’s Club Scholarship, to students who have maintained high academic standards and plan to further their education: Devon Caveney, George Zhou

Katherine E. Kloss Memorial Scholarship, in recognition of exemplary achievement in academics, leadership, work ethic and commitment to the community to recipient who emulates the spirit of Kathy Kloss, a former AHS volunteer mentor in the engineering field: Emma Bentley

Harry H. Koffman and Faye Koffman Scholarship Fund of B’Nai B’Rith, awarded to students who have demonstrated an appreciation for human and individual rights in the community: Ashika Shah and Sloan Lynch

William Pfeil Memorial Scholarship, sponsored by Rockstar San Diego, to senior who is planning to major in computer science: Marcel Pawlowski

Andover Educational Secretaries Association Scholarship, awarded to a graduating senior pursuing a four-year degree program: Xinni Chen

Andover Educational Association Scholarship, awarded to a child of an active A.E.A. member: Awarded To: Christopher Mara

Class of 1979 Memorial Scholarship, awarded to senior who exemplifies the ideals and principles of Andover High School: Lauren Grams

Ann Royal Scholarship, given by the Spade & Trowel Garden Club to a student planning to continue with post-high school level studies in conservation, environmental science, horticulture, forestry, landscaping or floriculture: Emma Sonberg

Briggs Greenfield Scholarship Fund, to seniors planning to pursue a career in medicine, or most improved, or for academic excellence: Nadja Arifovic, Lauren Grams, Natalia Santiago, Samantha Sheppard

Charles Souter Scholarship, to senior who possesses the potential to achieve in a way that will benefit others, who demonstrates personal character, integrity, kindness and humility: Daniel Caveney

Reading Cooperative Bank, Andover Branch Scholarship, to two seniors planning to major in finance or a business-oriented study: Michael Hanscom, William Wolfendale

Barbara Fowler Pennick Memorial Scholarship, to honor and celebrate a mother who led the All Girl Band at Punchard High School in 1950. This very first scholarship is awarded to a senior who is a member of the AHS Music Department who has a deep love of music, school spirit and a strong work ethic: Erin Hudkins

Donald Dunn Scholarship, to student pursuing a course of study in sports medicine: Christopher Mara

Andover High School Chapter of the National Honor Society Scholarship, to seniors who emulate the characteristics of the society: scholarship, leadership, character, and service: Therese Rajasekera, Helen Root

Miriam Putnam Scholarship, by Trustees of Memorial Hall Library to seniors who have worked as pages at the library: Jessica Darfoor, Gal Kramer, Anne Murphy

Fred P. Fitzgerald Award, in memory of Fred Fitzgerald, a true gentleman and inspiring leader, as well as the founder of Andover Fund for Education, to senior whose behavior exemplifies honor and principle, whose mind is characterized by intellectual curiosity and excellence in scholarship, and whose conduct is respectful of our world: Sarita Ballakur

Lawrence General Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Association Scholarship: Kristina Terzakis

Italian Women’s Club of Greater Lawrence Scholarship: Gabriella Smith

Lawrence Vietnam Memorial Scholarship, in honor of the 18 brave young men from Lawrence who gave their lives in Vietnam: Jillian Wilson, William Wolfendale

Air Force ROTC Scholarship, in recognition of hard work and efforts: Eric Wybenga

Andover High School Drama Guild Scholarship, to students pursuing the performing arts at the college level, and given for outstanding contributions to AHS theater: Emily Brownholtz, Christopher Cortner

Andover Band Association Scholarship, awarded to senior band members who have shown exemplary participation in the band program: Ajay Sadagopan, Taehyun (Andrew) Lee

Alfio Graceffa Memorial Scholarship, to graduating senior band member for excellence and leadership in the AHS Marching Band: Eric Vastano

Peter Afarian Memorial Scholarship, to senior varsity hockey player who is furthering his studies in college and who has exemplified good character and academic achievement: Daniel Keenan

College Club of Greater Lawrence Scholarship, in recognition of achievement in academics, leadership and community service: Doyle, Therese Rajasekera

Andover High School Ski Team Booster Club Scholarships, to varsity ski team members furthering their education: Kerry Christopher, Leah Giacchetto, Jessica Leung, Meghan Wurts

Andover High School Girls Swim and Dive Boosters Association Scholarship, for outstanding participation in the program: Emma Cammann, Deborah Daly, Emily Hunt

Matthew Biles Scholarship, to member of Men’s Swim and Dive Team: Eric Zhao

Katya Yerozolimsky Memorial Scholarship, to swim team member for her contribution to team spirit and support of her fellow swimmers: Emma Bentley

Krit Kearins Memorial Scholarship, to senior student athlete who exhibits superior sportsmanship and team spirit in the sports of swimming/diving or gymnastics: Mackenzie Dutton

Andover High School Football Boosters Association Scholarship, to senior varsity football player for outstanding sportsmanship and character: Andreas Christopulos, Cameron Farnham, William Heikkinen, Christopher Mara

Andover Junior Football League Alumni Scholarship given to both a player and a cheerleader: Andrea Christopulos, Jillian Wilson

Andover High School Girls Gymnastics Booster Scholarship: Dominique Cadet, Emily Lowenstein

Andover Girls Varsity Soccer Booster’s Scholarship: Virginia Duffy, Christine Gencorelli

Andover Boys Varsity Soccer Booster’s Scholarship: Frank Borseti, Jacob Burte

Andover High School Girls Lacrosse Boosters Scholarship: Mackenzie Billings, Hannah Bramhall, Anna Burkhard, Kerry Christopher, Meagan Keefe, Micayla McQuade, Bridget Morris, Kathleen Renzi, Jaclyn Torres

Andover High School Field Hockey Boosters Club Scholarship: Estel Black, Meagan Keefe, Morgan Manning, Bridget Morris, Melissa Newton, Andrea Pennock, Kayla Saras, Abby Taylor, Jaclyn Torres

Andover Federal Credit Union Gerald H. Silverman Scholarship: Sam Kefferstan, Dina Roumeliotis

St. Alfio, Filadelfo and Cirino Scholarship, to a student based on academics, character, community service and extracurricular activities: Daniel Caveney

Lawrence Lodge of Elks #65 Scholarship: Sam Kefferstan

Triple-Impact Competitor Scholarship, this program provides training to coaches of youth sports and leadership workshops for student-athletes, awarded to student-athletes in the six counties of Eastern Massachusetts based on student’s personal mastery, leadership and efforts to better his or her sport and team: Helen Root, Jaclyn Torres

Sts. Constantine and Helen Scholarship: Kristina Terzakis

Sts. Constantine and Helen Philoptohos Scholarship: Kristina Terzakis

Andover Rotary Club Scholarship,in remembrance of Philip Mercandetti, Barbara Doran and others, based on scholastic history, community service and future goals: Mackenzie Dutton

Lawrence Lodge of Elks #65 Scholarship: Sam Kefferstan

Corinne Morris Johnson Scholarship Award: Felicitas Reyes, Brynn Stevens, Lauren Wackowski


Funds for the following scholarships are managed by The Trustees of the Punchard Free School

Amy and Albert Trow Education Fund: Devika Ranjan, Gabriella Smith

Thomas Black Scholarship: Daniel Caveney

Nathan Hamblin Scholarship: Meghan Wurts

Barnard, Bell, Chapin, Goldsmith, Guttersons, Andover Grange Fund: Helen Root

J.W. Barnard Scholarship: Lauren Murtagh

Margaret F. Hinchcliffe Scholarship: Therese Rajasekera

Trustees of Punchard Free School Scholarship: Jennifer Colombo

Henry Wyatt Achievement Award: Diandra Chamberlain

Funds for the following scholarships are managed by the Andover Chapter of Dollars For Scholars

Andona Society scholarships based on academic excellence, leadership qualities and community service: Evan Doyle, Lauren Grams, Emma Sonberg, Marina Renton

Andona Society PAC Scholarship, in recognition of diligence, motivation and enthusiasm in embracing challenges to a student who embodies the core values of Andover High School: Daniel O’Neil

Dr. James and May Shorten-Bell Scholarship: Sarita Ballakur, Mackenzie Dutton, Lauren Grams, Christopher Mara, Ashika Shah

Margaret M. Collins Trust Scholarship: Evan Doyle

Elizabeth Cotter Memorial Fund of the Community Foundation of Broward: India Mazzarelli, Xinni Chen

Andover Little League Scholarship Award: Shivani Shah

Eileen Woods Scholarship: Jaclyn Torres

Brenda O’Brien Scholarship: Brynn Stevens

Amy Hopkins Larson Scholarship Fund: Kathleen Renzi

Andover High School Ultimate Frisbee Scholarship: Peter McGinn, Kylie Moynihan

Andover High School Girl’s Volleyball Scholarship: Molly Cronin, Lauren Murtagh

Jo-Ann Samra Marketing Scholarship, given by Jay Leno, to student displaying achievement in marketing: Jacob Muhlfelder

A.J. Leno Television Award, given by Jay Leno, to two students displaying achievement in television production: William Baldwin, William Wolfendale

Virginia H. Cole Scholarship, given by Andover/North Andover League of Women Voters to female student who has demonstrated the ideals of the league, which are to promote political responsibility through the informed and active participation of citizens in government: Marina Renton