Pomps Pond opens Saturday, June 19 at noon and a surprise awaits local beachgoers.

With stay-cations on the rise, the Department of Community Services says it will continue its beach-sticker discount through the weekend, allowing Andover residents to buy a Pomps Pond summer parking sticker for $75 instead of the usual $100. Recreation Director Kim Stamas said the $25 discount was supposed to end tomorrow, Friday, June 18. But she's hearing from lots of families who are staying local to keep cool this summer.

"It's definitely stay-cations, not vacations, being planned," Stamas said. "We decided to do this because we are hearing about stay-cations. We want to help."

People can buy the $75 sticker though Sunday, and can buy it at Pomps Pond throughout the weekend.

As of Tuesday, 151 local families had bought $75 beach stickers.

Another stay-cation indicator is DCS-run summer programs. Several programs have already closed because families are staying close to home. Summer tennis and golf programs for kids have closed because they have filled to capacity.

"Parents have cut back on club memberships. Instead, they enrolled their kids in DCS programs for camps that offer what the clubs offer - golf and tennis," Stamas said.

A fourth golf program was just added for the summer and it is already filled to capacity, Stamas said.

Stamas expects more than 200 kids in the town's drop-in playground program this summer. Already, 121 kids are enrolled.

"Our numbers are huge already and that shows how families are staying in town this summer," she said.

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