Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


September 6, 2012

Letter: Road should be for convenience of all

Editor, Townsman:

We have lived in Andover for over 35 years, most of which on Forbes Lane. Since moving to Forbes Lane we have entered Hidden Road (en route to Forbes) several times each day and found the “Y” intersection smooth, safe and easy to navigate under all weather and visibility conditions.

The recent change to a “Do Not Enter” traffic flow design is awkward, slows traffic flow and, considering the narrow and switch-back lane configuration, promises both head- on accidents and certainly presents a most irritating and totally unnecessary change to this access line. We suspect this route was heavily used by many of Andover’s citizens living on Forbes Lane, Karlton Circle, Porter Road and so on.

It is our understanding that the changes to the intersection were encouraged by the owners of the two households on the north side of the original path. They expressed anxiety about being struck by passing cars when they backed out of their driveways. While their caution is not unreasonable, we too are concerned when we back out of our driveway . . . so we carefully look both ways etc. We do not expect the town to restrict Karlton Circle (which runs by our driveway) to a 15, one-way roadway to protect me from harm while inconveniencing our neighbors and all others traversing the neighborhood. We would be interested to know if there is a documented elevated accident record for the HiddenRoad-Main Street location that, indeed, proves that their anxiety was well-taken.

The town should strongly consider returning the Hidden-Main Street intersection to its original configuration. We and the rest of the citizens living beyond this point would thank you.

Walter & Dorothy Niessen

Forbes Lane

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