Andover Townsman, Andover, MA

October 25, 2012

Letter: Support for Barry Finegold

The Andover Townsman

---- — Editor, Townsman:

In the upcoming election for state senator, I think it is very important that we elect a candidate who is familiar with the way things work in Andover and what is needed. It would be a definite plus to elect a person who grew up here and attended Andover schools, as Barry Finegold did. He and his wife Amy Finegold are raising their lovely family and conducting businesses here in Andover, also.

Barry has done an excellent job as state senator and has shown much concern and caring for the elderly. He has advocated for seniors to be priority for power restoration when there is a power outage. This is essential for those who need life-saving medical equipment in their homes.

Barry has consistently served our town well – in many capacities, so let’s allow him to continue to work for us.

These are some of many reasons I plan to vote for Barry Finegold for state senator. I urge you to join me on Nov. 6,

with your vote.

Bernice Haggerty

Main Street