Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


October 25, 2012

Voters need to think twice about one-party rule

Editor, Townsman:

As a registered Independent, I am amazed by how elections come and go every two years and no one questions one-party Democrat rule in Massachusetts. Some of the troubling recent effects have included:

· Parole Board, Housing Authority and drug lab scandals that demonstrate broad-based patronage and lack of effective management in our state government, and which have cost, or will cost, taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

· Our state Senate President and state Speaker of the House have been convicted of corruption, with both having to leave office. One plea-bargained, while the other was convicted and is serving time.

· Gerrymandering of our state voting districts so that Andover is split into a hodgepodge of districts for Congress and for state representative for no good reason except politics benefiting the Democrats.

· Failure to do anything about controlling state spending and instead continuing to add to our state sales tax and a host of smaller tax levies that eat away at the viability of local businesses and household discretionary incomes.

· Failure to reform healthcare and pension programs to address impending liabilities for town and state government workers, which promise their own form of “fiscal cliff” in coming years that will require major tax increases to come, or service cuts like those already happening at the T.

One-party rule does not serve the people well today in Putin’s Russia, or in Republican Texas, or in our supposed great Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

As a registered Independent, I say enough is enough – we need more Republican representation in our state Senate and House of Representatives to create balance and transparency.

John Carlson

One Golden Oaks Lane

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