Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


October 25, 2012

Letter: Adams works hard, won't raise taxes


Cut local aid by $450 million

Increased corporate taxes on large employers with assets in other states--creating disincentive for them to both locate in Massachusetts and/or hire here.

Finegold’s been in the Massachusetts legislature now 16 years. He doesn’t seem to understand how deleterious his votes are to his district. He’s done nothing to encourage private sector jobs creation, nothing to rein in government spending, instead going along to get along with the gtovernor’s spending, and nothing to help the district acquire much needed local aid instead supporting the governor’s spending on illegal residents.

Send Paul Adams to the Senate, watch how hard he works to improve the district and Massachusetts as places to live and conduct business, while refusing to accept a state pension.

Bill Josephson

Salem Street

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